Canadian Inventions, Landmarks Inquiry

Hello, division 4 families!

Today was a big Social Studies day! Core questions explored included:

What is the history of invention in Canada? What is the mindset of a successful inventor?

What is a landmark? What is the criteria that must be met for place to be considered a landmark? What world landmarks most interest you?

We started our day with a wonderful “Artstarts” theatrical presentation in the gym that taught students about the fascinating history of Canadian Inventions, such as zippers, biodegradable plastic, the Robertson screwdriver, snow shoes, basketball and WD40, and 5-pin bowling!

Today we began a new Social Studies inquiry about “landmarks”. We initiated the topic through philosophical dialogue using the P4C (philosophy for children) practice. I showed the students some figurines of world landmarks and asked them “what questions do these objects inspire for you?”

Students are learning how to form and answer their own questions and to participate in respectful, generative and critical discussion with their peers. They are learning to express themselves with clarity and to support their claims with good evidence and logical reasons.

Our process was to first consider what we mean by the word “landmark”. We looked up definitions and shared our own meanings. We looked at some videos, photos, and figurine examples of landmarks. Then students brainstormed and discussed their own questions related to landmarks. Students discussed their ideas and presented examples and logical arguments towards the goal of clarifying their own understanding. We compared natural with human-made landmarks.

I played a video of a group of my former grade 5/6 students in dialogue about landmarks to model what philosophical dialogue can sound like.

Students then enjoyed some Chromebook research time to independently learn more about the various landmarks that most intrigued them.

The Totem at Oaklands, a meaningful landmark for our school community.

HOMEWORK TO EXPLORE IN YOUR OWN TIME AND IN YOUR OWN WAY (OVER THE NEXT FEW WEEKS): Keep learning about and thinking about world landmarks. Choose one landmark that most interests you and research it with print and digital sources. Prepare to be an “expert” on your chosen landmark and teach others about it. What is the significance of this place? What is its history? Why does it deserve landmark status? Does this landmark have controversy surrounding it? Why are you intrigued by this landmark?

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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