Time Machine, Totem Celebration, Ethical Decisions, Drama, etc.

Hello, division 4 families!

We’ve wrapped up another sunny week of new learning with lots to share with you. Students have worked together on the fun “build a time machine” collaborative challenge, and we have been using it to spark creative discussion, new writing, and dramatic play.

In S.S., students tapped into their imaginations and recent historical research in preparation to showcase their growth in paragraph writing with the “If I Had a Time Machine” assignment.

On Thursday, it was a special time of reflection to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of our school’s totem and it’s meaning. The whole school joined in a singing and drumming session of celebration.

In Physical and Health Education and Social Studies, we have been talking about making healthy, kind, and safe choices, and students have put on their own skits to model appropriate ways to handle challenging situations such as bullying, and social pressure to steal, cheat, or use harmful substances. It is so encouraging and heartwarming to see the goodness of our classmates’ characters on display. We all grow from reflecting, talking and listening together in preparation for life’s challenges and opportunities. These smart and kind kids are going to inspire and change the world!

To Our Oaklands Track Participants:

We are so proud of you for taking on this challenge and representing our school so well. We are cheering for you, and hope you have a great event day on Monday! We celebrate you now for already being winners for your great courage and effort!

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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