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Way of the Inquiry Ninja

DESCRIPTION: How can we help learners to question more deeply and do in-depth inquiry projects with greater independence?  How can we educators learn to become “Inquiry Ninjas” in the classroom through internalizing the practice of facilitation to help empower learners to make their own discoveries?

The Question Toolbox

DESCRIPTION: What are the secrets of effective questioning? How can we empower learners to question more deeply, discover their gifts, and achieve success? In this practical session, Tiffany Poirier brings out the zany tools from her “Question Toolbox” as she demonstrates how to teach questioning skills in a fun, creative, and tangible way.

The Power to Question

DESCRIPTION: What are the strategic questions you can ask yourself and your teams to unlock brilliant new ideas and drive success forward? This session, based on my TEDx talk, goes further into how we can learn to harness and strengthen our innate power to question and how we can create safe spaces for questioning—what I like to call “Question Cultures”.

How to Tell Your Story

DESCRIPTION: Brilliant leaders across multiple fields often share this one thing in common: they are storytellers able to communicate who they are and what their vision is with clarity, passion, and resonance and motivate their teams (think Martin Luther King Jr., Disney, Steve Jobs, JK Rowling, Sheryl Sandburg, etc.). Let’s learn their secrets for how to be amazing storytellers.

The Teaching Coats Project

DESCRIPTION: Imagine you own a magical “Teaching Coat” that has the power to tell the story of who you are as an educator. In this hands-on, creative session you’ll be inspired to explore your “inner teacher”, who you are, and what you believe through making your own Teaching Coat.