Inspired by Roy Henry Vickers

Hello, division 4 families!

This blog post is to share and celebrate the lovely artwork and deep reflection that has come from our class exploring the work of acclaimed artist, Roy Henry Vickers.

Connecting to our learning about the Salish sea, we enjoyed reading Mr. Vickers’ new book, “Ben the Sea Lion”. We learned more about the award-winning author-illustrator’s background and contributions as an artist from the Tsimshian Nation.

We sought permission from Mr. Vickers through his representatives at his gallery in Tofino to use his artwork as the inspiration for our own artworks for educational purposes—our goals being to (a.) appreciate the cultural meanings and connections of this artwork created by a celebrated Indigenous artist, (b.) study the beauty of the shapes, lines and colour in Vickers’ work, and (c.) explore techniques using paint and pen.

We discussed many philosophical questions in art and ethics, including this: “What is the difference between unfair cultural appropriation and taking inspiration from another artist’s work?”

Thank you for inspiring us, Roy Henry Vickers!

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